An update on the Google Images question

Yesterday, I published a blogpost about whether google would index and show unused images in Image search. It turned out that they would actually do that. In the blogpost from yesterday, I put the image. Remember, this image has NEVER been used before on the web.

I did that to find out two things:

  • Would Google ban me for "duplicate content"?
  • Would this website be shown as source of the image?
  • Would Google take searchers to my site, when they clicked on the image? (They took them too a russian site and two .com sites yesterday).

Now, first of all, it seems that google does not punish "duplicate content" when talking about images. Not yet, anyway. But you should keep in mind, that it isn't actually duplicate content, since no website has used the image in an HTML \<img> tag.

Secondly (and thirdly), yes, my site is shown as the source of the image, which is nice, because people will be taken to my site when searching for whatever that image ranks for.

So, I guess a quick update on the ranking of that image would be in place:

  • spam bird Number 7 of 17,400,000 results
  • bird spam Number 1 of 20,800,000 results
  • birdspam Number 1 of 872 results
  • spambird Number 11 of 381 results

So basically, I more or less own the competition for some search terms that has a lot of search results, but nobody ever searches for. :-P

Next, I will try to rank for a phrase that could actually bring me some traffic - sooner or later, I will learn what Google Images likes when determining the rank of pictures. :-)

Written by Jannich Brendle fre 24 februar 2012 In SEO

tags: google imagesexperiment