Analysis of IPv6 enabled websites

I just had a fun idea. What if I took the top 1M visited domainnames (according to alexa) and tested them for IPv6 addresses? What percentage would be enabled?

So I pulled the csv file from alexa ( and stuffed the domainnames into a mysql database.

Then I wrote a little perlscript using DBI and Net::DNS to test the domain names. Some time after, I got the results:

Number of hostnames tested: 922001

*Number of IPv4-only enabled hostnames:*890933

*Number of IPv4 + IPv6 enabled hostnames:*31047

*Number of IPv6-only enabled hostnames:*21

This means that only 3.3 percent of the top 1M visited domainnames are IPv6 enabled. That's not too good. Of course this result is a bit skewed, since services like google do have IPv6 connectivity, but on seperate domain names. Also, is IPv6 enabled, and hosts a good deal of those sites in the top 1M, 21559 to be exact.

Written by Jannich Brendle tir 18 august 2009 In SEO

tags: analysisipv6websites

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