Cleaning up after the keywordluv plugin

If you at some point or another have installed the keywordluv plugin on your blog, people most likely started to use it's functionality when commenting. Keywordluv is great, since it lets people get backlinks to their websites with their desired keywords instead of a name, and you get comments with a name instead of keywords! Win-win! :-)

Now, if you later on decides to remove the plugin again, you will see all the comments remain unchanged - so will the names be, and this is bad news! Example: Before keywordluv removal: John from big bacon burger recipes
After keywordluv removal: Jonh@big bacon burger recipes

You can see that it doesn't look very nice like that...

In order to clean it up, you can use this MySQL query:

update wp_comments set comment_author = substring_index(comment_author,'@',1);

You can find tutorials elsewhere on how to run this query in phpmyadmin.

Written by Jannich Brendle fre 23 marts 2012 In SEO

tags: hackremoving clutterwordpress

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