Finding Nemo

Today, I'm going to inform you about finding Nemo, and give you some tips on how not to loose your Nemo again.

The Nemo is an Ocellaris clownfish, also know as the False Percula Clownfish, and these fish are very popular for aquariums, animated movies and ice skating shows alike.

If you've ever lost your Nemo, you know how frustrating it can be when you're not able to find it afterwards. So what to do? Simple!

Here is a 12 step guide to finding Nemo

  1. Look in the room or rooms you have been in since you last remember having your Nemo. Don't use too much time looking in depth, after all, what are the chances of finding Nemo under a pile of clothes?
  2. Look for Nemo where he's supposed to be or where you usually find him. Look in the fish tank, or possibly the toilet, chances are good of finding Nemo where he belongs.
  3. Check yo'self! Indeed, you should. Many times when something is lost, it can be found in your pockets. Remember to empty your pockets, opposed to just reaching down them, in hopes of finding Nemo.
  4. Search for Nemo in depth. No, not in the depth. ;-) But now that you know that Nemo is not in your pockets or your immediate surroundings, you have to look more thorough in your house and possibly your car. To save time, don't look in places where Nemo is unlikely to be, like in the attic. Go back and look in the more likely places again.
  5. Clean up your house/appartment/purse/aquarium!I know this is a pretty boring thing to do, but your chances of finding Nemo will be much bigger when you have eliminated every bit of mess he can hide in.
  6. Think back to when you last had your Nemo.Most people do stuff on autopilot, but if you can think back to when you last saw Nemo, you should be able to make a list of places to look for him, like the grocery store or the car park.
  7. Call people and places you've been lately. Since you last had your Nemo, have you been anywhere except home, like your job or your parents? Maybe you can get them to see if they can help you finding Nemo at their place.
  8. Get someone else to help you. If you still haven't found your Nemo, get someone to help you look for it. Four eyes are better than two, even for things like finding Nemo.
  9. Search systematically. If you think that you have lost your Nemo in the lawn for instance, make a system so you don't overlook any area in that lawn. This is especially true if you are getting help from others.
  10. Realize that it might be stolen!Don't panic. Depending on the value of your Nemo, people are unlikely to steal it. Would the Nemo be of value to someone else? Enough for them to steal it?
  11. Relax. Give it time. Most items will resurface again in time and so will your Nemo (unless it's stolen). You might just be finding Nemo while vacuum behind the couch for instance.
  12. Make sure you don't loose the Nemo again. If you've found your Nemo or got a new one, you should make a place for it in your home and always put it there. For instance, you could make a habit of putting it in a glass bowl in the kitchen. That way, Nemo won't as easily get lost.

So there you have it, finding Nemo has never been easier. Of course, if you have to find something else instead of finding Nemo, you can use these advices too.

If you've got any advice on how to find a Nemo, or your carkeys for that matter, please share them in a comment. :-)

Written by Jannich Brendle lør 20 marts 2010 In Blogging

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