Getting more fonts for GIMP

By default, GIMP uses the fonts available on the system, but sometimes you want to use a font that is not installed on the system. This will explain how to add extra fonts to gimp.

  1. Get the font you would like to use. For instance, supplies a lot of different and very well done fonts.
  2. If the font(s) are in zipfiles (or other packed fileformats), unpack them with the appropriate tool.
  3. Start up GIMP
  4. Click Edit->preferences
  5. Expand Folders and click Fonts
  6. Move or copy the font files to the folder specified. Alternatively, you can add a second folder containing your fonts.
  7. Restart GIMP

Now the new extra fonts should be available in GIMP.

Written by Jannich Brendle tor 29 oktober 2009 In How to

tags: fontsgimphowto

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