How to disable the touchpad while typing in ubuntu

Most of us have tried to type on a laptop computer with a super sensitive touchpad. This can lead to excessive irritation and anger, which is not good. An easy remedy is to use the syndaemon utility. It lets you specify a timeout, in which the touchpad will be disabled after each keystroke.

Start a terminal and run this command:

syndaemon -i 0.5

Try to use the computer for a while, typing and such. If you feel that the mouse is disabled for too long after you stop typing, decrease the value 0.5 in the command above (stop the program by pressing CTRL-C in ). In contrast, if the mouse still troubles you when typing, try to increase the 0.5 value to maybe 1.0 - experimentation is the key here. :-)

When you have found a good value, you can use the -d switch to specify daemon mode, meaning taht the program will run in the background, like so:

syndaemon -i 1.0 -d

This should leave you with an annoyance-free mousepad. :-)

Written by Jannich Brendle lør 07 juli 2012 In How to