If content is king, I have a question!

Alright, everybody in the website business has heard it all before:

To get a good ranking in google, you must have a homepage with a decent amount of keywords that you wish to rank for... Content is king, and without good content, your homepage will never rank...


When searching google.com for the search term Click here, the download page for Adobe Acrobat Reader comes up on the number one spot, even though the page does NOT contain the words "Click here" anywhere!

It does, however, have around 14 million backlinks, according to ahrefs.com, and here is a statistic of some of the anchor texts:

7% of anchor texts is "click here", which is 980k backlinks saying "click here". 7% of anchor texts is "here" - also 980k backlinks. 1% of anchor texts is "here" - 140k backlinks - same story with "clicking here"..

Sooo, I think I can conclude, that anchor texts indeed have a big influence on search engine rankings! Of course, I know that most sites do not have 2.2 million backlinks to help them rank, but then again, most sites don't have to compete 9.2 billion(!) pages!!!

Written by Jannich Brendle ons 23 december 2009 In SEO

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