Ranking for Russian keywords (?!)

Okay, this is just weird!

I was checking my piwik stats today, and I saw that somebody visited my site comming from google with the search term "секс 13 лет видео"... I've never written anything Russian on my blog so I didn't really understand it. I looked over the search terms people visited my site with and found a total of four search terms in Cyrillic. I've noted them below with my websites ranking in the danish Google site:

  • секс 13 лет видео - ranking 37th
  • 13 лет эротика - ranking 4th
  • копро девушек видео онлайн - ranking 19th
  • смотреть бесплатные фильмы копро - ranking 4th

All four results were to my guide on ripping audio from YouTube, which doesn't make any sense at all. But I guess some Russian guy were extremely bored  and figured that I needed some link juice. Thanks a lot, Russian guy, but next time, use anchor texts that are just a little decent!

Note: I have not translated the search terms on purpose, because I don't know if that would break Google adsense's TOS. If you want to know what they mean,translate them here.

UPDATE: I am no longer ranking for these phrases. I have no idea why, I actually forgot all about it, but I suppose it has something to do with Googles panda and penguin search engine updates.

Written by Jannich Brendle fre 27 august 2010 In SEO

tags: funnyrussianSEOwtf

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