Running Charon in Wine

Charon provides a fully customisable way of filtering out unwanted proxies via control files, a proxy tester to check anonymity - and a fully functional search engine crawler to find lists of posted proxies. If you use Linux, you may still want some proxy checking tools, for one reason or another. So here is a small guide that allows you to run Charon on Ubuntu or Debian (and other systems that uses the apt package system). Start a terminal, and type each line from below in there, followed by enter:

cd ~
sudo apt-get install wine
chmod u+x ./winetricks
./winetricks mfc42
mkdir charon
cd charon
wine Charon.exe

Don't forget to download my updated proxy judge list. :-)

Written by Jannich Brendle tir 20 april 2010 In How to

tags: proxyubuntuwine

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