Running fsfuzzer 0.7 on Ubuntu or Debian

fsfuzzer is a filesystem fuzzer tool that does stress testing of various filesystems in a reproducible and logged way. This tool creates initial valid filesystem images and then manipulates their binary format and structure for detecting flaws/bugs/design problems in the parsing/handling code for that particular filesystem.

To install and run fsfuzzer on ubuntu or debian, open a terminal and run the following command:

sudo -s
cd ~
apt-get install libattr1-dev build-essential gfs2-tools mtd-utils dosfstools reiserfsprogs
sudo apt-get install genromfs squashfs-tools xfsprogs ecryptfs-utils
tar xzf fsfuzzer-0.7.tar.gz
cd fsfuzzer-0.7
./fsfuzz --help

Which should respond with something along the lines of

./fsfuzz cramfs|ext2|ext3|ext4|swap|msdos|vfat|xfs|jffs2|reiserfs|romfs|ecryptfs

Happy testing everyone. :-)

Written by Jannich Brendle ons 16 juni 2010 In How to

tags: debianfuzzingkernelsecurityubuntu

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