SMP enabled Folding@Home on Ubuntu 10.10

Okay, if you're running folding@home on Ubuntu, you probably know it stopped working in Ubuntu 10.04, and that sucks. Some people have had luck getting the thing to work by installing the nscd package (link), but I haven't.

So I decided to see if there was any other way to get Folding at home to use all four of my CPU cores. I could - with the use of a chroot environment.

Installing chroot and debootstrap

sudo apt-get install debootstrap
mkdir ~/chroot/
sudo debootstrap --arch amd64 lenny ~/chroot/
sudo touch ~/chroot/proc/cpuinfo

Now, a 64-bit version of Debian Lenny is installed in ~/chroot. To run Folding@Home in the chroot, you first need to install it:

sudo chroot ~/chroot/ # to "log in" to your chroot
mkdir folding
cd folding
wget -O - | tar xzf - 

Now, to use all CPU cores, the fah6 binary needs access to /proc/cpuinfo, so before you "log in" to your chroot environment, you need to bind /proc/cpuinfo to ~/chroot/proc/cpuinfo. You could use a simple alias that does just that and then enters the chroot environment. Add this line to the end of ~/.bashrc: :::bash alias enter_fold='sudo mount --bind /proc/cpuinfo /home/bredsaal/chroot/proc/cpuinfo; sudo chroot ~/chroot/'

So now everything is ready. To start folding, type this:

cd folding
./fah6 -smp

That's it!

Written by Jannich Brendle tor 13 januar 2011 In How to

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