This equation sucks!

I just saw the result from a facebook app, and quickly realised that something was a bit odd.

Jane just took "Calculate Your Ideal Weight!" quiz.
Jane just calculate their ideal weight.

Dear Jane Doe, with height 175 cm your ideal weight is 67.5kg
based on below formula :

(175 cm - 100) - (10% X (175 cm - 100)) = 67.5 kg.

Of course that formula is only an approximation, and it only works for normal heights. For instance, if you are 100 cms high, your ideal weight would be

(100 - 100) - (0.1 * (100 - 100)) = 0

This means that you have to be bloody weightless if you have dwarfism.

Oh yeah, their units don't match. You don't get kilograms from substracting centimeters from centimeters.

Written by Jannich Brendle tir 01 september 2009 In Blogging

tags: facebookmath fail

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