Using encfs in xubuntu

Some time ago I ordered a Kingston DataTraveler 8 GB USB Flash Drive for backup purposes, and today I recieved it.

I wanted to have an encrypted folder on the stick, to secure some keys to various places, and I wanted to use encfs, as it is really easy to setup.

So here is a very short guide on how to make that work:

sudo aptitude install encfs
Insert the USB drive, and mount it if automounting is not supported.
mkdir /media/disk/secure
mkdir ~/secure
encfs /media/disk/secure ~/secure
Press enter
Enter your desired password.

There you go. One secure folder is ready to be used.

When you are done using it, unmount it with

fusermount -u ~/secure

Written by Jannich Brendle tir 17 juni 2008 In How to

tags: encfssecurityubuntu

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