Using the Facebook chat in Pidgin

Today the Facebook developers announced that you could use the Facebook chat over XMPP which is pretty darn nice! So what does that mean, in normal human speak? Well, it means that now you can have a chat with all of your online Facebook contacts in your favorite instant messenger client (that supports XMPP) instead of going to Facebook to chat with them.

I will show you how to set up Pidgin to allow you to chat with your Facebook buddies.

Alright, first off start pidgin. If you haven't already added an account, this window will pop up:


Of course, you should click the "Add" button.

The next screen will show. Select XMPP from the drop down list (the one that says AIM). Fill in the details like below:


Now click the advanced tab. Uncheck "Require SSL/TLS" and then click "Save".


That's it. Now you should see pidgin logging in to facebook chat using your user credentials and soon your friends will show as chat contacts! Now how cool is that!? :-D

Written by Jannich Brendle tor 11 februar 2010 In How to

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