Fixing Samsung Health LNK_1004 error on CalyxOS

A friend invited me to a little competition, a friendly footrace to 50k steps, winner takes it all. She sent it via the Samsung Health app, so I installed that, then clicked login, but sadly the app uses the default browser to facilitate logging in and this was the error message I was greeted with:

The website is optimized for the following browsers.
As it may not work correctly in other browsers, change your default browser and try again.(Error code: LNK_1004)
To return to the service app, press the Back key on your device.

Samsung Internet, Chrome, Firefox, QQ Browser, QQ, Browser, Default Browser, Default Browser, UC Browser,
Sogou Browser, 360 Browser, Safari, Chromium, Google, Edge

Recommended Guide
1) Install Samsung Internet.
2) In the device's settings menu, set Samsung Internet as the default browser.
3) Launch the Samsung Health app and sign in to your Samsung account.

So naturally, I tried switching my default app to chromium. No dice. Firefox? No dice.

So through a look of looking through posts on various websites, I came across a fix, which is relatively straightforward.

  1. Uninstall Samsung Health
  2. Download Samsung Health version from apkmirror
  3. Install it
  4. When opening the app, it asks if you want to log in, press skip
  5. Go into Settings -> Account and log in via the app.
  6. Once you are logged in, you can update the app via aurora appstore.

You might have to enable installing software from 3rd party sources.

Now you have the latest version of the app AND you are logged in.

It will ask you to do “2FA” which is really just a bad excuse to harvest your phone number, sadly I did not find a way to opt out of that yet.

Note that while I did this on CalyxOS it suppose it should work on other versions of Android as well.

Last modified: Mon Sep 25 23:09:32 2023